Photo: Nicholas Earl

David Logan's passion for music developed at a very young age, but back then nobody knew it would lead him to where he is today… Since a teenager, David's hard work and dedication towards music shows a track record of success in the DJ scene. He's traveled coast to coast to perform in some of America's hottest nightclubs, music festivals and sold out arenas but never too Hollywood to have rocked some corporate events along the way! 

With the effortless ability to creatively fuse hip-hop, rock, and dance music, becoming and remaining an iconic club DJ wasn't very difficult for the Cincinnati native who holds residencies in California, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and more. As an open format DJ, D-LO has had the pleasure of sharing the stage alongside some of today's top National Artists. Some include: Porter Robinson, Flosstradamus, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, DaDa Life, Krewella, Kendrick Lamar, 3LAU, Mac Miller, Danny Avila, Talib Kweli, SAVOY, Manufactured Superstars, DJ Drama, DJ Scream, and many more

Anybody could write an amazing third-person biography to make you believe their the perfect DJ for your nightclub or pool party, but we guarantee DJ D-LO's live performances will have you dancing the entire time he's on the decks! …book D-LO now and see why he's one of the most sought after DJ's in the midwest today!